Florida Everglades cormorants
Florida Everglades
I took this picture in 2002 in the Florida Everglades of a bunch of cormorants sunning themselves along a lake. Cormorants are swimming birds and as such their feathers get very wet, so they'll sit along the shore and dry off after each swim. If you've ever seen a cormorant try to fly with wet wings, it's quite humorous.
This picture was taken with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. An ISO of 50 produces very little film grain but you need almost very bright light to get most shots without blur. Any grain you see in the photo is from the archaic slide film scanning process I did back in 2002 and not from the picture itself. For years my color shots were exclusively shot on slide film, which with about 36 pictures to a roll would take me weeks to catalog and scan. It's also been over 10 years since this brand of film was discontinued by Fuji as everyone has shifted to digital.